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Plastic composites

Plastics. A name that identifies a specific type of composites consisting of polymers, long chains of molecules that give this material its particular characteristics.

The history of plastic polymers began in 1855 with the synthesis of rayon, a transparent synthetic fiber used to produce clothing: a new era was upon us.
The constant efforts of chemists and scientists led to the discovery of a multitude of synthetic polymers and one of the best known and used is poly-vinyl chloride or PVC, very important for several reasons: it is water proof, sound-absorbing and self-extinguishing.

All these features make it perfect for the production of high quality fixtures, resistant to adverse weather conditions and to extreme stress, energetically sustainable, easy to clean and maintain.

Choosing our PVC means choosing a superior quality product, combined with high quality materials and designed especially to fulfill all your needs; it is definitely not just plastic.