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Metal, born to be beautiful and resistant to all stresses, is applied to window frames to give a touch of understated elegance while maintaining the highest standards of safety. If you are looking to minimize the visual clutter of the frames, metal is the right choice.

Construction steel is the core product of carpentry (stairs, banisters and Pompeians) later embellished with special paints or other appliquè metallic material such as bronze, copper, or zinc; a mixture of elements that gives rise to spectacular results.

Space age appearance and special needs, such as protection from water and corrosive agents, require the use of stainless steel, a special iron-carbon alloy that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Canopies, banisters and shower stalls are now safe.

But we go even further and use metal to coat extrusion bars with plastic compounds, combining aesthetics, performance and price into a unique and inimitable product.